Super Crystal

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Super Crystal
An undisputed favourite at the 1997 Cannabis Cup.
This strain gave us the title of “best seed company” in our first year in business.
This almost pure Indica strain is a very potent smoke.
Her resinous appearance could bring shame to most so-called “white strains”.
The Super Crystal is a low maintenance plant with incredible yields of ultra potent buds
with strong psychoactive and physical effects. Not for the faint hearted!!!

Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks

Outdoor harvest: October

Effects and Uses of Medicinal Cannabis Indica Strains
Cannabis Indica strains generally create a sedative, ‘stoned’ feeling. This sensation tends to be centred in the body, which relaxes as muscle tension is reduced. Indicas are most effective in treating muscle spasms and tremors (for example caused by multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease), chronic pain, arthritic and rheumatic stiffness and swelling, insomnia, anxiety and related conditions.

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  1. Nate

    After nearly 3 decades of toking spanning 3 countries and two continents this is the strongest strain that I’ve have ever experienced. Over the last decade plus Homegrown Fantaseeds has improved the growth pattern of this strain significantly from its original form making the cultivation of this incredible strain much easier than before. The seedlings are very uniform and extremely hardy with 3 excellent phenotypes being exhibited. If you have a love for this plant this strain is a must have for the grower and a must try for any cannabis connoisseur who is looking for a truly intense indica experience like none other A truly legendary strain that will inspire tales of its extreme potency while captivating the minds of those who haven’t tried it. There are few strains worthy of such conversation and this is one of them.

  2. Nate

    While many stains have degraded over time this one has been improved. We tried these seeds 15 years ago and experienced hermaphrodites, deformities, and a super powerful short dwarf indica that literally made people vomit on occasion with a high that made you feel stupid. There was not much of a yield to speak of but it didn’t matter. The insane potency made up for all the problems. Today’s Super Crystal is a little different. It still has that powerful high but this time it’s more clear headed and energetic even though it’s still a hardcore narcotic buzz. Gone is a nauseating paranoid stupor of old that kept many people from enjoying their selves. In it’s place is a new mood elevating experience with heavy pain and anxiety relieving qualities. This makes it much kinder on the mind and body than in its previous incarnation. It’s also a very easy plant to grow. Out of 9 females we had two that were very heavy yielders .Even the dwarf indica phenotype had an above average yield for it’s size. The best yielding plants are the taller ones with a medium width structure. These plants feature an open structure with large dense indica buds and little foliage. Out of our 3 tallest plants one turned out to be the keeper. With the right plant under ideal high intensity lighting conditions a 30 inch plant will do most likely 4-6 ounces with 9 plants being possible in a 5X5 Tent.This plant is very easy to grow and excellent for beginners who want to grow one of the most powerful strains on earth. The only thing lacking in the new version is the intense pungency. The new version features a similar spicy citrus smell and taste like the old version but without the power skunky pungency that made it harder to conceal. If you have ever tried Death Star and liked it, this strain is even more potent but it doesn’t make you tired. The buds are large and super dense and the plant is stout enough to hold them up. This strain is superb for medical and recreational use and is highly recommended to indica and sativa lovers alike who are looking for powerful yet functional smoke. This is a true classic from the cannabis masters in Amsterdam Holland.

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