California Orange


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California Orange
This sativa/Indica hybrid originates from California. It found its way to Holland around 1981
and became an instant legend.
A mostly skunk hybrid that produces big buds with a sweet and fruity taste and smell.
The Californian Orange has an Indica growth pattern making her easy to grow indoors and
can produce a yield above average. This Cannabis Cup winning variety provides a strong clear high balancing between physical and cerebral.

Flowering time: 9 – 11 weeks

Outdoor harvest: late October

Effects and Uses of Medicinal Cannabis Hybrids Strains

Hybrids or cross-breeds of Indica and Sativa strains exhibit characteristics from both types of cannabis. For some patients this offers an advantage, especially when medicating with cannabis to relieve chronic pain, something for which both Indica and Sativa strains are suitable.
Combining Sativa genes with an Indica strain can aid mental clarity and decrease sedative effects, while adding Indica to Sativa strains can lower the tendency of pure Sativas to occasionally stimulate anxiety.
Most professionally bred Cannabis seed-strains contain both Indica and Sativa genes.


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