Homegrown – Fantaseeds Company History :

    Homegrown Fantaseeds Company History

    It was  the summer of 1997, a long period of blazing summer sun. Amsterdam was buzzing. A plethora of tourists were swarming , along with the likes of back-packers, hippies, students, suits, and people from all over the world. There were rows of people waiting outside our coffee shop. Our shop at that time was named Homegrown Fantasy and was located in The Blauwe Erf, which is the oldest and most central part of Amsterdam.

    The sunny terrace held a large group of foreigners, local visitors, and friends . We were enjoying the sun while smoking a joint with a regular visitor and Swiss friend who was in the seed business. He wanted to start growing and setting up a company in Switzerland. We discussed genetics, prized plants, quality weed, and how to preserve and provide the genetic pool he wanted. He desired to work with the varieties of witch we had on our menu at Homegrown Fantasy. Our coffee shop had a reputation known for outstanding quality and taste. At this moment, a new idea and a new company were born. Our creative buzz led us to the creation of Fantaseeds Garden.

    We opened Fantaseeds Garden, which was our original seed store in Amsterdam. It was located just around the corner of Homegrown Fantasy. We specialized in featuring over 200 cannabis seeds supplied by several of the top seed companies and brands worldwide. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff members were all growers themselves, which increased the value and popularity of Fantaseeds Garden to its customers.


    During the same period of time, there was a coffee shop in existence that was the first to actually sell seeds in a coffee shop. The owner of Positronics approached me to inform me that his company had to close down. He proceeded to ask me if I was interested in his line of genetics. We had a good conversation and Homegrown Fantaseeds acquired all of Positronics genetics and began to work with their growers and seed producers. Wait there is more! The growers that produced the weed for Homegrown Fantasy were also willing to hand over their genetics. It was a luxurious position to be able to choose out of the best genetics available at that time. This allowed Homegrown Fantaseeds a huge advantage, offering the largest selection of seed genetics in the world!

    All things fell into place in 1997. We were now fully established in Amsterdam and now the center of the cannabis universe!

    Now it must be mentioned that as each grower will recognize, it is a thrill working with genetics. It takes patience building up your harvest by selecting the perfect seeds, harvesting those seeds, and maintaining the cycle of life over and over. This experience can be euphoric at times and disappointing at others. Just like life itself. Taking care of plants that are special in their ability to bring healing and happiness to its consumers is a thrill. It is exciting to know that what is planted will indeed give back to you in return. With our team of breeders we now produce powerful and directly classic strains such as: Super Chrystal, Blue Haze, Silver Blue, Parvathi, Caramella, Cheese, and Genie of the Lamp among the 22 strains in existence and still, there are more being developed.

    The Story of the Cheese.

    We were talking with an English guy about growing one day and he told us that he would bring something extraordinary and special to the store.  Later he arrived and handed over a clone of the original Cheese. Up until this point no one had succeeded to harvest with this strain of seed. An opportunity of a new challenge had arrived! I crossed the Cheese with one of our most potent strains. With patience it worked and yes the cycle was complete. The seeds are Cheese dominant, potent and smelly.

    We entered the Cannabis Cup with this powerful strain in 2003. We placed 3rd, yet we were astonished with this result. The Cheese hybrid strain should have been number one!  We wanted to give recognition to the English man who bred the Cheese strain first and who brought us the clone.

    Nevertheless, Homegrown Fantaseeds stays close to the roots of its existence, and honors the values which have established. We still work with people from all over the world, trading and exchanging genetics.

    From the beginning up until the present, we are still busy with selecting the best genetics possible. We make them accessible to friends, growers, breeders, and consumers. Ultimately we are for the people who don’t see cannabis as a crime but rather, useful, helpful for society, and beneficial for all.



    Homegrown Fantaseeds.